RichardMiller Richard McDermott Miller believed that art is more a matter of the hand and the eye than of the mouth. Born in New Philadelphia, Ohio, he attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and traveled widely to study the sculpture collections in major museums at home and
abroad. At his studio in New York's SoHo district, he modeled the human figure in wax and clay, working from life, then cast it in bronze. The works range from small, medium and large to extra large.

Richard had more than a dozen one-man shows in New York along with shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and London.His works are in the Hirshhorn Collection, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Ohio's Canton Art Institute and the Butler Institute of American Art as well as in South Carolina's Brookgreen Gardens and North Carolina's Weatherspoon ArtGallery.

Richard McDermott Miller at Brookgreen Gardens

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