Paige Tooker owns and operates The York Art Foundry Inc, a full-service art foundry, which produces bronze sculpture for artists, galleries, museums, architects and designers worldwide. The foundry is well known for top quality castings: large monumental pieces to intricately detailed work, and for meeting the exacting demands of top artists.The foundry specializes in bronze, using ceramic shell, investment and sand casting methods. Enlargement services include 3-D scanning, milling, and printing. We pour a variety of metals: bronze, aluminum pewter white bronze and brass. The foundry offers a huge range of finishes, polishing, patinas, and plating.

Paige Tooker began her fine art education at Pratt Institute and from there went on to The San Fransisco Art institute where she acquired a BFA in painting. In the early 1980s Tooker worked at The Johnson Atelier where she first acquired her bronze casting skills. While working at there she was producing her own sculpture. She learned all aspects of casting techniques as she applied them to her own work, casting iron, aluminum, plastics and some composites. She worked for the Johnson Atelier as a ceramic shell technician and then primarily in the sand casting department. She has become one of the top patina technicians in the business today.

In the mid 80’s she became the production manager of the New York Art Foundry in Long Island City which was then owned by Greg Glasson.

At the age of 27 Paige Tooker wrote a stock certificate & raised funds to buy out the foundry she had been managing. From the start, at the age of 27, she had as many as 14 employees working in all departments under her direction. She soon was casting for top artists such as Jasper Johns, Cy Twombly, William Tucker, Mark De Suvero, Susan Rothenburg, and for galleries including Leo Castelli, Ronald Feldman and many more. (See Client page)

The foundry has produced countless 9’ bronzes for the steps of city halls and parks across the country as well as more modern work for artists like Terrance Koh, Susan Rothenberg, Paul McCarthy, & Donald Baechler, among many others.

Paige Tooker also taught bronze casting for the School of Visual Arts at her Greenpoint foundry, and conducted independent workshops in mold making and sand casting.

New York Art Foundry Inc, after moving to Greenpoint and then Red Hook, is now in a spacious industrial building in Newburgh NY, across the river from Beacon and 90 minutes from Manhattan. New York Art Foundry Inc continues under Paige Tooker’s direction to cast for today’s most demanding artists.